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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Students Making A Difference!

Segue is a faith based student group on the University of Manitoba. My wife Tammy is the leader of this group. They seek to engage students with issues of social justice. This year they got involved with fighting modern day slavery. Segue hosted an event in October with MP Joy Smith and International Justice Mission and launched the freedom 10 by 6 initiative. This past week they have been running cages on campus, an event to bring awareness to the problem on human trafficking. The last day of this event will take place on Friday February 3 in University Centre. They have a benefit concert scheduled for February 17th at Calvary Temple in Winnipeg and a Fashion Show on Friday March 16th. This is great stuff but what I am most impressed with are the students who are working with my wife. They are stepping and taking great leadership in the planning and execution of these events. They are stepping up their game making a huge difference in this world. Students who are supposed to be pre-occupied with securing their futures are taking time out of their crazy lives to help set people free. Great job Segue students! If you want more info on the Freedom 10 by 6 project go to,

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